About Me

My whole life I’ve been fascinated with how stories work on stage, how performance is interpreted by an audience and how we as theatremakers can influence culture by the voices and perspectives we choose to produce and promote.

I specialize in New Play Development. As a freelance dramaturg I work with writers on the script or libretto. As an Off-Broadway Creative Producer (The Assignment, My Father’s Daughter, My Life is a Musical) I get a chance to champion the work, build a team, and produce the work. As a director I have a unique opportunity to bring the dramaturgical insights discovered within the text and create them theatrically on stage .

One of the tenets I believe in is in the power of the individual voice and the individual’s creative expression. As the Associate Artistic Director for Rhymes Over Beats, a Hip Hop Theater Collective, we’re developing new theater artists using the hip hop aesthetic. As a theatre professor with an MFA in Dramaturgy and a BFA in Directing, I teach college students and professional writers the importance of dramatic structure, language and entrepreneurism.

Want to work with me? I teach both online and in person – catch one of my upcoming Musical Theatre Writing workshops in NYC. and check out my theater community CreateTheater.com. 

I also work with writers individually as a dramaturg, and as an executive producer when their project is ready for production.

Want to work with me?

Let’s talk about how we can move your project forward.