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How does this work?


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What is your top priority goal for 2018-2019? You'll hold each other accountable to your goals, and brainstorm ideas and strategies for success. Each group personally moderated by Cate Cammarata. Size limited to six people.


Meet Monthly

Walk away from every meeting inspired with strategies and action items from the Master Mind to move your work forward. Track your progress each month as you crush your goals time after time.


Network Online

Not in NYC? No problem! All of our groups are online. Connect with industry professionals in NYC and regionally as you network with the best in the business, whether you're a writer, producer, director, or other theater artist.

A MasterMind group will help you to:

Meet in real time no matter where you live

Using the Zoom teleconferencing platform, we'll gather together in a virtual room where we can see each other "Brady Bunch" style and share our monthly goals and achievements for approximately two hours each month. 

Strategize with the best to achieve your goals.

According to the power of the MasterMind principle, two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude constitute an unbeatable force. Experience this with others who are determined to achieve their goals.

Become part of a professional community 

An online MasterMind group is a networking community providing support, referrals, and friendships that last long after this year ends. Prepare to be inspired and uplifted. Prepare to meet a more successsful YOU through the power of the MasterMind.

Cate's Mastermind has been a powerful force in keeping me on track with my numerous projects and just generally encouraging me to believe in what I've chosen to do - produce, write, and support theater as a professional. 

Her meetings offer insight and advice from colleagues who are pursuing the same goals from different angles. Cate is organized, a smart and caring listener, and is able to sum up my sometimes rambling thoughts in a way that helps me stay accountable to my goals. 

I'm so glad I joined forces with her!  

Gayla Morgan

Off Broadway Producer and Award-Winning Musical Theater Composer/Lyricist

Cate Cammarata's Mastermind groups are the perfect blend of support, accountability, sage advice and authentic cheerleading. She leads quietly but with great certainty. I find myself reaching goals and going beyond. 

This group has been invaluable to my progress as a writer and as a creative.

Delta Donohue

Playwright, Author, Poet and Professional Speaker

Cate leads her Mastermind group with attentiveness and skill. Her observations are insightful and she asks the right questions, bringing everyone together to share constructive feedback. Each person gains clarity as well as new ideas, goals and ways to tackle problems.  

The evening always ends on an up-note, everyone energized, confident, ready and prepared to take on the world! 

Kari Floren

Playwright, Producer

What Does the MasterMind Group Include?

One Group Meeting Each Month for a Year

Our MasterMind structure includes a total of 12 Group Meetings, which give you time to plan and initiate a year of productivity and accomplish your priority goals on time. 

Get set for a great year!

What's the Cost?

One payment of $800


Three payments of $300

 Script Consultation

Extra Bonus!

I will review your script once during the year with a full consultation afterward, with action steps to move it forward. Absolutely free.

Value: $375-$500

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