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Why Are You Still in Theater?

Why Are You Still in Theater?

This week I was helping a writer friend send out invitations to her upcoming reading. A talented writer, out of necessity she's had to learn how to be her own producer as well, and is sometimes overwhelmed with all of the myriad of things that must be done. As this is...

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Connections are the Currency of the 21st Century

Connections are the Currency of the 21st Century

I am so excited to launch CreateTheater, the online community for theater professionals. What would it be like to be able to meet other working theater artists online? To learn, join in industry seminars and to find your creative “tribe”? One of my core beliefs is...

Finding an Artistic Home

Finding an Artistic Home

  Welcome Home What does home mean to you? Home to me means acceptance. A place where people are honored for their differences, yet loved as they take their place at the family table. And most importantly, always respected for their individual desires and/or...