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Introduction to Theatre

Introduction to Theatre is written as a guidebook to take students from an original concept, through the devising process, into writing a script and then producing it on stage within one semester. We include additional sections on acting, design, producing, and theatre history. Intended for colleges, it would also be appropriate for high schools.

Contemporary Monologues for a New Theater

edited by Cate Cammarata

(Applause Acting Series). Is theater still relevant in this new century? The almost one hundred monologues in this collection prove that contemporary theater is alive, vibrant, and vital to our culture. Divided into monologues for men and women, the selected pieces in Contemporary Monologues for a New Theater draw on the many diverse stories that weave the tapestry of our experience in this exciting new time. Performers and directors will become acquainted with the work of the many new playwrights they discover within these pages.

This book was listed in Broadway Direct Bookfilter’s as one of the top 10 Fall Picks for Theatre Lovers