Welcome Home

What does home mean to you?

Home to me means acceptance. A place where people are honored for their differences, yet loved as they take their place at the family table. And most importantly, always respected for their individual desires and/or perspectives.

Things I know for sure:

  • An atmosphere of coercion, of belittlement or control can quickly turn a home into hell. There is no place for “closed minds” in a peaceful home, where love and acceptance should reign supreme for the good of all.
  • At it’s best, our home should be a place where we feel a true “communion of spirits,” whether that be within our home itself of the community we find ourself in.
A Place of Peace

A home ideally also means comfort, and a place to find peace and solitude.

When we say, “I feel at home” we mean we’ve found

  • A refuge, a peaceful oasis where one can find oneself and replenish spirit
  • A place of spiritual and mental creativity – where ideas can be found, nourished and developed
  • A place of beauty and indulgence of the senses

However, no matter how beautiful the place we call home is and no matter how loving and well-intentioned the “family” we find ourselves with, ultimately we will never feel “at home” anywhere if we’re not comfortable in our own skins.

Our true home lives deep inside us, our spirit, our soul, our Source.

  • By honoring ourselves and heeding that small inner voice of guidance, we acknowledge our spirit’s guidance system
  • Until we understand this inner GPS there will be inner conflict as we allow ourselves to drift into the current of other’s expectations and needs.
  • Our lives should never be so much about serving others that we forget to serve our own life that we were born to create.


My Journey Home


I announced when I was five that I wanted to be an actress. I followed through with it, auditioning for and landing the lead in the 3rd grade production of Cinderella. Without even knowing what I was doing, I followed the lead of following my bliss.

Fast forward through college when my hormones did me in. Bam! I lost my internal GPS and developed a nasty case of PPS (People Pleasing Syndrome) that had to be hormonally based, as it ravaged my system until the FYFs (F**k You Forties) hit and my estrogen level took a nosedive.

Somehow I woke up. Looking in the mirror terrified me. Who WAS this person? I needed to look back and remember who I was, and to remember what gave me joy.


Where is Your Home?


Go back to a time when you knew yourself.

What did you feel you were born to do when you were 5? 10? 15?

What gave you joy before you allowed your “musts” to overtake your dreams?

  • If you are reading this, chances are strong that you were always dreaming of creating stories onstage, or being on stage yourself. How true to yourself, how true to that little one that is still there inside you, have you been?
  • Althoug I originally intended to be an actress, by the age of 15 I was reading every biography of female producers I could find in the tiny library of my small home town in Ohio. (There were only three at the time, Cheryl Crawford, Theresa Helburn and Jean Dalrymple, and yes, I was that weird kid.)
  • Overcoming parental objections (my father’s, anyway) I became a theatre major, eventually earning a BFA in Acting/Directing. Major score.

There were to be many more battles to earn my authenticity in this life; some I won, many I lost. But coming “of age” meant I had to finally come home.

  • Come home to accept myself as a creative person
  • Come home to explore my authentic voice and what I was meant to accomplish in this life.


Finding an Artistic Home


For all those years when my creative self lie buried, somehow a deep inner peace eluded me. I made friends, held down somewhat creative jobs, but never felt 100% at peace in my own skin.

It wasn’t until I again went to Grad School for Dramaturgy until I found me – and my tribe – again. Aahhhh. Peace.

There’s nothing like coming home to yourself.

I hear so many writers and other artists longing for an “artistic home” where they feel welcomed, supported, encouraged and inspired. It’s not far away.

My goal is to create a tribe online. A place where we all feel acknowledged. Seen. Supported. Encouraged. Accepted.

See and be seen. Support and be a support – a light – for others.

Come HOME. Join us.


Sending love and light,